"Donkey's Kite", Book Trailer

Donkey's Kite: A Horse Valley Adventure (book 2) with video and music by Liana Melissa Allen.  Her books are available at amazon.com,  barnes and noble, and other online book stores.

Horse Valley Jazz Band

Listen to the Horse Valley Band as they jam, with Pesky on the piano, Red on the saxophone, Suzy on drums, and birds on bass!  Art and music is by Liana Melissa Allen. Music available to listen to at https://soundcloud.com/liana-melissa-allen

Twiddle and Dwiddle's Flight

This is an old cartoon that I made years ago of my characters, Twiddle and Dwiddle, and their misadventures. I decided to put it together as a storyboard along with a boogie I recorded on my keyboard. Storyboard art is a lot of fun!


She's a french, Victorian, Time Traveler/Inventor! I did this sketch of her and composed some Steampunk music to go along with it.

Speed Sketch

Speed sketch and music by Liana-Melissa Allen